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About Us

Just to introduce ourselves, we are AAA Georgia Home Improvements and Roofing Company. We were founded in 1978 by Wayne Cobb, who still owns and operates along side his son, Gabriel Cobb. We are a family owned company out of Stockbridge, Georgia. We are a roofing company, but we don’t only take care of your roof. We specialize in a all types of repairs- windows, gutters, shutters, down spouts, siding and any other storm related damage, whether it be interior or exterior. There are many advantages to doing business with a local full service contractor. The recent storms have brought in many outside contractors know in our business as storm chasers. These contractors were not here in Georgia when the storm hit and when the work is done they will no longer be in Georgia. Where is your warranty going to be? When we recently asked one of these of these contractors where we was from, he responded, “we work all over.” We aren’t really sure where “all over” is, but we do know that we were here when the storm hit, and we will still be here when the work is done. If you have a signed agreement with an out of state company that they say is binding, and they threaten to put a lien on your home, if you break this agreement, you can call your state commissioner John Oxendine. He warned Georgians about these storm chasers. It is your right as a Georgia homeowner to have a second opinion.